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About Covameat

Covameat in Wijtschate is specialised in processing and cutting pigs. Covameat has grown into a premium meat specialist in the past decades. Covameat guarantees quality from the growth to the delivery to the customer.

In order to meet the modern requirements of fresh meat, we, naturally, pay a lot of attention to food safety and animal welfare. We greatly value hygiene, which benefits the meat. This addresses the needs of our clients.


Covameat  together with all its employees, is committed to continuously deliver the highest quality and tasteful product throughout the entire chain of its activities, with a maximum commitment to animal welfare and our planet. This falls under the Taste & Welfare quality label.


From processing, cutting, freezing, packaging, and labelling to preparing ready-to-cook pork dishes.


“Welcome to the BPG family”: this is how we welcome new colleagues. As a (close) family should, we take care of our employees and their families. From the familial pig farmer who is responsible for delivering our pigs to the way in which we organise our companies and have a flat organisational structure. From father to son, from mother to daughter. From intern to intermediary. They all contribute to this unique, familial but international (culturally diverse) atmosphere.